Fine Art Projects

I’m looking for models to work with, please contact me here for modeling availability.

NOTE: some of the content here may not be safe for work (NSFW) and usually shows the human body.

Maya Tihtiyas by Eric Holsinger

Maya Tihtiyas

Black and white fine art images of Maya Tihtiyas by Eric Holsinger

Femme Rebelle Jan BOOK 2 - 041

Aquarius Funkk, Gold Mask

Aquarius Funkk is a powerful mythical being.

Kelsey Dylan, inflatable pool

Kelsey Dylan takes a refreshing summer dip in an inflatable pool. (9 images)

Am Montoya, bedroom records

Am Montoya listening to records in the bedroom. (9 images)

Am Montoya, black and white with coffee

Am Montoya in the kitchen with coffee, in black and white. (8 images)

Shibari (kinbaku) in Black and White

Jenni Lee Cupcakes, Shibari rope bondage in gritty and grainy black and white (9 images).